Automate the recruiting process

Reduce the hiring process by 90%.

Hyper-speed Hiring!

Recruiters are constantly overwhelmed with high volume of candidate applications and the need to select the best talent from the pool of applications.

Recruiting Hive powerful AI engine quickly screen and evaluate candidates in seconds. Our AI application speed up the hiring process, eliminate hiring bias and save cost.

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Tired of the manual process of hiring talents?

Save time and money | Reduce hiring cost | Increase hiring speed

Source and Engage

Easily source and engage candidates. setup conversations, automate the process and schedule interviews.

Screening in seconds

Quickly screen thousands of video interviews, documents and conversations in seconds.

Evaluate and Hire

Evaluate candidates abilities and job-knowledge through virtual assessments.

Recruiting Hive features

All-in-one intelligent hiring system for smart talent acquisition

Screen and evaluate thousands of candidates in seconds!

Recruiting Hive powerful AI engine quickly screen candidates based on your hiring need.

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All-in-one Automated recruiting

Resume Screening

Automatically screen thousands of resume in seconds. Screen, score and shortlist candidates in seconds for hiring using Artificial Intelligence technology..Learn More

Video Screening

Quickly screen candidates video interviews for gestures and keywords powered by Artificial Intelligence. Features: Speech transcription and video broadcasting..Learn More

Mobile Recruiting

Increase candidates sourcing and engagements. Set reminders, collect data and schedule candidates for interviews through our text recruiting application..Learn More

Quiz Recruiting

Tired of hiring and interviewing the wrong people?. Evaluate candidates based on job knowledge. Choose from our library of questions or build custom quiz..Learn More

Video Recruiting

Evaluate candidates through one-on-one video conferencing application. create video interviews and evaluate candidates judgement and cognitive reasoning..Learn More

Phone Screening

Source, screen and eliminate unsuitable candidates, validate candidates communication skills, save time and money with recruiting bot..Learn More

Advanced Automated Hiring!

Hire great talent from any remote location quickly with the fastest hiring platform that automates the routine hiring process and integrates with existing HR system.

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Why choose recruiting Hive?

Hiring Teams

  • 125% Increase in hiring speed
  • 90% Reduction in hiring process
  • 96% Screening completion rate
  • Candidates

    Improve candidate experience. Increase engagement and automate conversational process.


    Improve recruiters experience. improve productivity and reduce time-to-interview by 90%.

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    "Having Recruiting Hive on our team has revolutionized the way we attract and engage candidates."

    - James O'leary, Project Manager, Paymentina


    "We are able to sort and screen thousands of candidates quickly with Recruiting Hive."

    - Maria Zinoch, Managing Director, MCGTech


    "Recruiting Hive is a valuable tool for our Human resource department. It helps us to completely automate the hiring process."

    - Austin Andersen, Program Manager, Talkporte

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